IBOP resultaten

Op 13 dec presenteerden we Milan CH op de IBOP in Tolbert, waar hij een mooie score van 80,5 haalde.

Milan is ondertussen verkocht naar Engeland!

17 feb is de mooie Grandorado merrie Miss Lette voorgesteld in Brummen, ook zij haalde de mooie score van 80,5!

best wishes for 2023

We wish all a healthy and happy 2023!

Horses Sold an new in!

  • the last period these horses left our stables, we wish the owners lots of luck with them!
  • Run with me, Cicero Z v Paemel x Acorado (Slowakia)
  • Nico vd Damhoeve, Gaillard dl Pomme x Denzel vt Meulenhof (USA)
  • Manolito Tran, Cohinoor x Dobel vt Zorgvliet (Slowakia)
  • Sandman vd Mombeekvallei, Sir Obolenski x Kashmir vt Schuttershof (Germany)
  • Mr. Diamond vd Kapel, Blue Diamond vt Ruytershof x Farmer (GBR)
  • Corika DW, Cornet Obolensky x Cormint (GBR)
  • Saga vt Voortakker, Balou du Rouet x Canabis Z (Slowakia)
  • Gino Ginelli WM, Gaillard dl Pomme x El Salvador (Slowakia)
  • Ramira Quality, Cicero Z v Paemel x Crawford (Italy)
  • Oaklee, Highway TN x No-Limit (Holland)
  • Lanicka, Elvis ter Putte x Calvados (Canada)

New in, some special ones:

  • Tinkerbell vd Schroonhoek Unbroken
  • Goldstrike 0.80m Jumping
  • For Hapiness 1.30m Jumping
  • Nacho 1.00m Jumping
  • Milan CH 0.90m Jumping
  • Nobu Saddleboken
  • Nevera Z Saddlebroken

And our Youngster are back from the field, Odin and Onno vd Damhoeve!

Horses Sold!

the following horses are sold to a new Owner, we wish them all lot's of luck with their purchase!

  • Uptown Girl by Untouchable to Poland
  • Sapphire vd Mombeekvallei by Sir Obolensky to Poland
  • Master B by Casago to Poland

New in (training):

  • Lagoloma SDO by Cardento
  • Nice Girl dl Pomme by Kannan
  • Onno vd Damhoeve by Twister de la Pomme
  • Ibiza by Ukato
  • Manjana B by Ohio vd Paderborre
  • Amazing Z by a Golden boy Hero
  • Mr. Diamond vd Kapel by Le Blue Diamond van t Ruytershof

Horses sold and new in

This year some changes where Made at our Stables:


son of Vigo by Vigo D'Arsouilles sold to RO

Jazzlyn WP by Emerald sold to CZE

Quick Flower byQuick Star sold to PL

Bandolero by Balou du Rouet sold in NL

Ostadonna by Jardonnay VDL sold in NL

Sniper v t Ameldonk by Garley VDL sold to PL

new in are:

Odin B by Elton John

Master B by Casago

Oaklee by Highway TN

Ninja Cara by Il Est Balou

best wishes for 2022!

We wish all our clients, friends and people we cooperate with, alle the best for 2022!

horses sold

last weeks we sold a few nice horses:

James R(recruit) approved stallion was sold to Poland

Mabel van der Renger(eldorado) in Holland

Lightning(cardento) to Ireland

Kiki-Carmen(Chaman) to China

We wish the new owners lots of luck with the horses

Manza to Canada

Last week Manza keizersberg left our stables to Canada!

We thank Jerome Davids for the trust in our stable!

Kay sold to Italy

Today Kay (Zambesi x Berlin) left our stables to Italy

We thank the fam. Taken for the trust in our stable, for training and selling Kay.

Quandor Tivor Z sold!

Quandor Tivor Z ( Quantum x Landor S ) is sold to England.

Horses sold.

The following horses has been sold:

  • My Lady Balou Balou du Rouet x Zirocco Blue sold to Poland
  • La Pleasure IMOO For Pleasure x Ustinov
  • Cosath Z Casini Berlin x Nabab de Reve
  • Lef Emir R x Atlantic sold to UK
  • Mooilandra Plot Blue x Indoctro sold to UK
  • Juweel Starpower x Wallenberg sold to Germany
  • Condor Z Cicero vd Paemel x Baloubet du Rouet sold to Italy
  • Mindbreaker Durango VDL x Mermus R sold in Holland
  • Katsumi B Contendro x Big Star sold to Poland

We have some nice horses new in:

  • Kiki-Carmen Chaman x Oklund 2015 1.20m jumping
  • Quandor Tivor Z Quantum x Landor S 2016 1.00m jumping
  • Mabel vd Renger Eldorado vd Zeshoek x Amadeus 2017 Saddlebroken
  • Mannequin HBZ Homerun HBZ x Quasimodo vd Molendreef 2017 saddlebroken
  • Lolitha Hermantico x Marome 2016 Saddlebroken
  • Look Out B Flamco de Semilly x Big Star 2016 Saddlebroken
  • Lightning Cardento x Voltaire 2016 Saddlebroken
  • Nico vd Damshoeve Gaillard de la Pomme x Denzel vt Meulenhof 2018
  • Saga vd Voortakker Balou du Rouet x Canabis Z 2018

Ralf Sold to Italy!

Ralf Imbar by Dexter left our stable to Italy!

We wish the new owners lots of Luck with Ralf!

Larezzo sold to Italy

The beautiful 4 year old Larezzo by Arezzo x Guidam is sold! Good luck to the new owner! ๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Ikato sold to Denmark

Ikato (Ukato x Fedor is sold to Denmark, we wish the new owner lots of fun with this unique horse!

My Touch verkocht!

Good Luck to fam. Kleijn with the purchase of the 3 year old My Touch by Heart Touch x Kroongraaf! ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿฆ„

Pina Colada sold to Germany

This week will Pina colada (tonixe x Indoctro) leave our stables to Germany.

We wish the new owner lots of luck!

Best wishes for 2020!

Rianne Nalis Sporthorses wishes everone an healthy and happy 2020!

Jimmy sold!

Yesterday we said goodbye to our black pearl Jimmy! We enjoyed every day working with him and for sure he makes the new owner as happy and proud he made us ๐Ÿฅฐ

All the luck to the new owner and many thanks for everyone who is involved with the purchase of Jimmy!

Jules d'Alphi sold to the USA

Jules d"Alphi by Baltik Sitte x Longchamp is sold and will continue his career in hunter/equitationcalsses in the USA.

We hope for a great future for this stunning horse!

Fandiamo sold!

Yesterday Fandiamo (Andiamo x Quidam de Revel) left our stables, we wish the new owners lot of fun with this nice horse!

Jillz Callas sold to Germany

Yesterday Jillz Callas(Action Breaker x Quinar) left our stables to Germany!

We wish the new owners lots of luck with her!

Staron sold to Italie

Staron (Stolzenberg x Goldfasan) is sold to Italie, he will leave next week our stables.

We will miss this fantastic horse and wish Giada lots of fun with him!

Senna JJS and Jack Daniels sold to England!

Senna JJS (Shouppydam des horts) and Jack Daniels (Vigo Dโ€™arsouilles) left our stable to their new owners in the UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

Good Luck ๐Ÿ€

Hengst veulen van Highway TN

Gisteravond heeft onze fokmerrie Emma-Lee (No-Limit x Grandeur) een hengst veulen gekregen van Highway TN

De geboorte is snel en goed verlopen!

Onze Furure star!

first place for Miss Etoloma and Ha Tinka's Girl

Miss Etoloma Caretino x Caretano won the 1.20m class at the hippinkster show in Hattem, she was almost 3 seconds quicker than the number 2!

HA Tinka's Girl Tinka's Boy x Chin Chin won the 1.35m class, she was the only double clear in this class.

First Lady sold

First Lady Nabab de Reve x Mermus R is sold!

We wish the new owners goodluck with her!

Pepperman vd Donkhoeve Verkocht!

Pepperman vd Donkhoeve (Ironman vh Meulenhof x Nabab de Reve) is verkocht aan Rosalie Lammertink, we wensen Rosalie met Peperman een sportieve toekomst!

Olalla van de Fruitkorf verkocht naar Duitsland

Olalla van de Fruitkorf is sold to Germany

The 5 year old offspring of Diamant de Semilly x Indoctro did give us a lot of joy and we loved her character!

Good Luck Olalla ๐Ÿ€

Bali en Havanne sold to the UK

Bali van de Schrale Hamme (Balou du Rouet x Air Jordan) and Havanne VDD (Berlin x Indoctro) are both sold to the UK and will leave next week.

We wish the new Owners lots of luck with them!

Jovanni sold to USA!

Big fellow Jovanni by Denzel van het Meulenhof x Nabab de reve is sold to the ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ!

He will continue his career in the Equitation ring. Congratulations to the breeders: fam. Kemper!

Chimorka Z Sold to England

Today Chimorka Z (Calvino Z x Lupicor), the day Chimroka Z did her first 1,10m round, is sold to England.

We wish the new owners goodluck with this talented horse!

Baltina du Grand Routheux verkocht!

Baltina du Grand Routheux (balturo Fromecs x Qarco van het Graethemhof) is verkocht.

Baltina is vendaag verhuisd naar Beemte Broekland en gaat daar met Carolien Been haar sportcariere voortzetten!

We wensen Carolien veel plezier en geluk met Baltina!

Super Mario sold to Italie!

One of our favorite horses is sold to Italie.

it was a year full of clear rounds, prizes and most of all a lot of fun with Super Mario!

We wish the new rider all the luck with this special one! ๐Ÿ€

Indence and Japardie sold

Our 6 year old stallion Indence by Cassini Gold x Pilot is sold to The USA! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ.. He continue his career as a Hunter!! We wish the new owners all the luck with this beauty ๐Ÿ€..

Thank you Jeroen Broek for the collaboration!

Japardie Cidane x Wittinger is sold to Sweden.

New horse!

This week we expect a new star at our stable.

the 5yo Mare Baltina du Grand Routheux


Balturo (a young Baloubet du Rouet x Canturo) x Qarco van het Graethemhof

Estevez EH Z Sold to Sweden!

Today Estevez EH Z ( Emereald van 't Ruytershof x Royal Bravour ) left our stable.

He will pursue his Career in Sweden.

We wish the newe owner lots of fun with this stunning horse!

Royal Star sold!

Roayal Star ( Royal Concorde x Cavalier Royale ) is sold to GB

He will leave next week to his new Stable.

New Horses!

Last weeks we got some new talents at our Stable:

Galaxy SDO Cardento x Voltaire is at our stable to get a breeding predicat

Zipper Warrant x Guidam

Chimorka Z Calvino x Lupicor

Indence Cassini Gold x Pilot

Estevez EH Z Emerald van 't Ruytershof x Royal Bravour

We look forwards to work with these horses!

Happy Newyear!

Rianne Nalis Sporthorses wishes everone a very good and healthy 2019!

Jumpy JJS Sold!

Yesterday Jumpy JJS (Warrant x Purioso) left our stable to Sweden

We wish the new owners good luck with her!

E. Guriel Sold

Today E. Guriel(Emerald x Boston van de Rechni) left our Stables!

We wish the new owner good times with this quality horse!!

Jack Daniels at GMB competition

Jack Daniels Vigo D'Arsouilles x Caretano Z jumped a very nice round at the GMB competition in Denekamp.

Esspecially his rideabilaty gave a high note!

He got a 7.7 for jumping and an 8.4 for the rideabilaty, that brought him an 8th place out of 80 competitors.

Video: youtu.be/upAlRCRFjJg

New Youngsters in training!

Since a short time we have four 4yo new in training;

Jumpy legs JJS (Warrant x Purioso)

Jovanni (Denzel van het Meulenhof x Nabab de Reve)

Jazzlyn W P (Emerald van 't Ruitershof x Ferro)

We are happy to work with these youngsters and hope a good future with/for them!

Haij Duk sold to the US

The 6yo mare Haij Duk (Kojak x Cavalier) is sold to the USA.

We wish the new rider a lot of fun and succes with her!

Blue Eye verkocht!

Deze week vertrekt onze favoriete Snoep (Blue Eye) Timeless x Jimtown naar zijn nieuwe adres!

Blue mag zijn sportcarriere voortzetten bij Marielle in Groningen.

We verwachten dat ze samen veel lol zullen hebben en wensen Marielle en Blue Eye het allerbeste!

Nona van den Heikant sold to Sweden

Next week leaves Nona van den Heikant (Tonixe x Toulon) from our stable.

Nona is sold to Sweden.

We wish the new owners good luck!

Bali vd Schrale Hamme verkocht!

Bali vd Schrale Hamme Z (Balou du Rouet x Air Jordan) is vorige week verkocht aan de fam. Hulsenbeck. uit Nijkerkerveen.

Inmiddels hebben ze de eerste wedstrijd al suucesvol afgesloten!

We wensen de fam. Hulsenbeck veel plezier en geluk met Bali!

Calypso Verkocht!

De prachtige bonte hengst Calypso (Ceasar van ter Linde x Chin Chin) is verkocht naar Zeeland.

Daar gaat hij een toekomst in de eventingsport krijgen.

We wensen de nieuwe eigenares veel plezier en geluk met Calypso!

Diekata keur merrie!

De 10 jarige merrie Diekata (Ginus x Orlando) is vandaag tijdens de centrale keuring in Geesteren "Keur"geworden. Zij behaalde eerder dit jaar haar ster predikaat en sprong twee weken geleden naar haar "sport predikaat!

The 10 year old mare Diekata (by Ginus x Orlando) become today a "keur" mare during the CK!

CSI**** Twente

Op woensdag 13 juni stonden de jonge paarden centraal tijdens het internationale concours.

Ikato (Ukato x Fedor) kreeg een fout op hindernis 1 maar viel zeer positief op door zijn vermogen en springtechniek. Jimmy (Twister de la pomme x Mermus R) sprong naar een 4e plek in de kwalificatie met twee keer een 7.9! In de winning round op het hoofdterrein behaalde Jimmy een 7e plaats.

Jimmy qualification CSI Twente

On wednesday 13 june the 4 and 5 year old horses get their opportunity to jump in an international arena.

Ikato (Ukato x Fedor) jumped with a lot of scope and jumping technique, unfortionally we had the first fence down. Jimmy (Twister de la pomme x Mermus R) jumped a nice clear round with two times an 7.9 for his scope and rideability to place 4 in the qualification. During the winning round in the main arena he took place 7!